When you subscribe to StartUp Disruptors, you can be assured of a warm welcome!

We meet once a month in both Portsmouth and Southampton.

Our Portsmouth meet up takes place at the Old Customs House at Gunwharf Quays.

Grab a drink at the bar, then head on upstairs and join the meeting.

Our Southampton meet up takes place at the Uber Green Light Hub at Empress House.

Check in with Becky and Laura, then grab a seat and make yourself comfortable! If you’re feeling shy, our spotlight member co-host will be on hand, so feel free to ask for an introduction to one of the other members!

The format of the evening is pretty informal and relaxed. Please make sure to bring lots of business cards and pop them on the card table as you come in – just don’t forget to take them away with you when you leave! We don’t want to have to throw them away at the end of the night – we know how much they cost!!!

When we kick off, Becky & Laura will do a brief introduction, followed by any group announcements. Then the spotlight member co-host will have an opportunity to talk about their business, and their StartUp story.

Following this, each attendee will have a opportunity to stand up and deliver their ’60 seconds/elevator pitch’. Using props or bringing something to demo is welcomed and encouraged! If you don’t have a ‘pitch’ quite yet, this is absolutely fine, just feel free to say a little bit about who you are, where you are at the stage of your business, and what your business is!

After everyone has had a chance to introduce themselves, we have an opportunity to ‘open the floor’ up for Q&A. Here you can ask us anything that is worrying or bothering you! Business related or not! If you would prefer to submit a question anonymously before the meeting, please email us.

After the Q&A, the more structured part of the meeting draws to a close, but feel free to stay around and network with your fellow Disruptors, and follow up with anyone you thought had an interesting pitch or you might like to collaborate/work with in the future!

When you are ready to leave, make sure to pick up your business cards on the way out, as well as any contacts that you might like to follow up with!

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!