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Startup Disruptors

At StartUp Disruptors we believe that professional business coaching advice and support delivered by qualified and experienced people is not just for the very wealthy or the ‘old boys club’.

We exist to enable affordable access to expensive resources and knowledge, that would otherwise be reserved for a small minority of people.

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What Is Startup Disruptors?

We help to nurture small businesses.

Education and access to education for all is our mantra; we want to increase social mobility for people from areas of deprivation and minorities and finally give them a voice.

Entrepreneurship education is no exception, but this is no ordinary classroom, in fact forget school, the education system in the UK is out of date, but we have a new formula. The one for success.

We make professional market-leading entrepreneurship skills accessible to first-time entrepreneurs and freelancers, via our monthly subscription plan*. This enables first-time home-based business owners, to learn and connect online within our dedicated inclusive and supportive community to prevent social isolation and protect mental health.

Subscribers to the plan will also have access to a virtual learning environment (VLE coming in 2021)*, backed and sponsored by our corporate partners; including powerhouse universities, local enterprise partnerships from across the UK; and private sector funders and household names such as Transmit Startups, Faster Capital, Uber and Funding Circle.

So, if you’ve been ‘round the houses’; tried everything that’s free locally and found that it’s well below par, then you’re in the right place.

Now’s the time to sign up and join us.

It’s easy to do so and it’s all online, you sign up using your payment details and we send an on-boarding e-mail and instructions to you within 24 hours. That’s it, no long contracts or tie-ins.

We Help Small Businesses To Thrive

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Get Started Package

If you are in the pre-start-up or very early stage (ideas phase) of your business; or if your business is more of a hobby than a full-time ‘gig’ then this is for you.

Escape the '9 to 5’ Programme

This package is a more personalised online package for those wanting help with serious structure and business planning over a 12-week intensive period.

‘Advertise Me’ Programme

This package offers you the chance to get your personal branding, marketing and advertising positioning correct from day one.

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Don't Build Rollerskates For Birds

From ‘bootstrapping’ a start-up business, to sharing knowledge on disruption sales techniques; this is the true story of one woman’s journey in ‘ditching’ corporate life to start her own business.