I hit a brick wall in my business, I was in a bad place, along with my business.


When Startup Disruptors found me it changed my life and business over night. I found an amazing group of people that were in the same situation as me, during our first meet up it was like a pressure valve releasing for me.


What I started to learn through the group was invaluable to me and my business. We have now taken off, but if I hadn’t of joined this amazing group me and the business would still be flapping around going nowhere!


I can’t recommend this group enough! It’s the best move I’ve made in business to date!


Starting and running a business with no qualifications nor experience has been a stressful experience, therefore StartUp Disruptors has been a breath of fresh air and made me realise my journey was similar to others, something which has given me clarity and companionship. Understanding I am (essentially!) on the right path has filled me with confidence.


I am based at Totton but looking to use members of the group for my business. I’ve referred business to a member, through a friend and I am in discussion with my contacts regarding other group members.


The support provided is something I recognise will continue to feed my knowledge. I am sometimes, in my head, a little overwhelmed by kindness from group members. It’s really appreciated.


Revenue and sales will build, there is no question about that, with ongoing support from the group. I love StartUp Disruptors – anyone starting or growing their business should join immediately!


Thank you !