GUEST BLOG: Matthew Baldock – Portsmouth Crypto

To my fellow Start Up Disruptors; thank you for agreeing to help me in my mission.

For those who are unaware, let me offer a brief overview:

My industry is the first and only one to truly disrupt the banking and finance industry, ever.  With in the industry there are a number of start ups messing with high street banking dominance, including the likes of Tide and Revolut, how ever, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency was invented to give us another option, a second rail if you will, which would allow us to continue to trade in the digital age in the event of another major problem in the banking sector.

We’ve all heard the horror stories, banks closing their doors and refusing service, because they’ve messed up their books, or broken their computing systems.  Customers are left with out access to their money, businesses are left unable to trade, to accept paymentsm, to pay bills, often for days at a time.

Bitcoin allows us to sidestep them when they’re at their worst and least efficient.

That’s not the main reason I’m asking for your help today though;

In my industry hundreds upon hundreds of millions of pounds are being invested, globally, via crowdfunding, venture capital and other methods.  Jobs are being created at a rapid rate and an entire industry is appearing thanks to the hard work of my fellow enthusiasts.

I want Portsmouth and the local area to benefit from this massive influx of capital, I want us to benefit from the increase in high-tech jobs being created and to help us do that I have a plan.

Part of that plan requires that I seek your help!  I need as many local business owners as possible to agree to accept Bitcoin as a payment option.

I won’t lie – many of you might not, after setting this up, see a customer ask to pay by Bitcoin for a number of months, maybe a year or more.  However, with enough of you on board I can advertise our city to the crypto community as the go to place for Crypto enthusiasts.  I can then advertise Portsmouth as the go to place for new businesses growing in the industry.  I can, in effect, by building the infrastructure, encourage those companies to come and base at least part of their operations in Pompey, bringing jobs and wealth.

I’ll note I’m asking none of you for money and this wont benefit me directly, though it will benefit me indirectly, alongside everyone else.



To start; on your mobile or tablet, down load an app called Mycelium (if you type mycelium bitcoin you’ll find it) and follow the on screen instructions.

You’ll have to write down the 12 word master seed it gives you and store that safely – this is essential as it’s your back up and with out it, if you lose your phone or the app you’ll lose any funds.

And that’s it!  You can now accept bitcoin as a payment method!

In person all someone has to do is scan the QR code which represents your wallet address then send you the funds.  If it’s a payment over the internet simply copy and paste the address by pressing on receive and copying the address to your clipboard then sending that to your customer.

When someone sends you a Bitcoin payment I will handle all the conversion on your behalf as I’m already set up to convert and exchange up to £10000 per day.  I’ll then withdraw that to my account and send it on to you.

That’s it!  You’re ready to go!

Now, admittedly, that’s not a long term solution.  To get you set up with the best solution for your needs I’ll need to spend about an hour with each of you, so that you can accept it, in person or online, and handle the conversions yourself.  You might want instant conversion to GBP, or you might want to hold some of it, and we’ll work through that together.

By simply down loading that app though, in under 5 minutes you’re ready and can now accept this payment method.  I’ll always be on hand, till the more permanent solutions tailored to your needs are in place, to help you, at no cost – this is because you’re doing me a HUGE favour.

Let me know when you’ve done it and you’re ready to go and send me an email at or via Facebook with a brief write up about your business, including the links to your social media profiles.  I’ll add those details to my website.  I’ll send you an image or two you can use on your websites/social media profiles to show the world you’re ready to accept this new currency and then I’ll promote the hell out of you!

Thanks again to everyone for the support!  I can’t promise you riches, but I can promise you that thanks to your help I’ll be in a better position than ever before to bring money and in time jobs and companies to this area.




N.b. The content of this article is written by and is the opinion of it’s guest author.