Hello! I’m Becky Lodge.

A degree and CIM qualified sales and marketing professional; with over 25 years experience at global sales director level.

I am fortunate to have worked with and for such brands as Ferrari, Disney and Carlsberg during the early part of my employed career.

During the latter part of my employed time, I worked in the radio broadcast software industry and engineering sectors; travelling all over the world organising events and selling multi-million pound projects.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about youHow can I help you?

Well, I started my own home based business in 2015. I thought it would be easy.

How hard could it possibly be after working in global sales markets for other companies?

Easy right?


There’s a whole host of barriers to overcome.

From rising above the noise of the competition to getting people to buy from you.

It’s a world of its own.

That’s why Laura and I set up StartUp Disruptors.

We needed guidance on how to progress our businesses in 2015 and the local offering was too slow, lacklustre or just stuck in the ‘dark ages’.

We wanted to have a place where tech and social media played a pivotal part in developing our business offering.

Nobody really wanted to help us mainly because there was no money (or glory!) in it for them.

Laura and I wanted to create a group of people that were dynamic and committed to each other’s success, as well as their own.

We also grew tired of hearing of people being ripped off by suppliers that were trying to exploit people’s naïveté of being ‘new’ business owners and we wanted to combat that too.

In 2018, Becky was selected from over 10,000 U.K. applicants to become one of ‘Sky News 100 Women’ and was invited to take part in a televised debate with Kay Burley on International Women’s Day.

Becky also runs a LinkedIn group of the same name to help women in business communicate and collaborate across the globe – check it out here.

So what can we do for you?

If you need help formulating a business ideas or just to talk to other people that just ‘get it’ then subscribe here TODAY!

We help you.

We ‘drive’ you.

We keep you safe.

We’re the StartUp Disruptors – a family and tribe of like-minded people travelling along the road together.

Join me: 

If you want to join me (and over 8000 followers on LinkedIn) to gain more business exposure then please connect with me on LinkedIn.

Becky also offers 1 hour consultations £99, that can be booked here.