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A one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs - with big benefits!

So, you’ve left your job, but you miss those cups of tea and supportive chats with respected colleagues. You like being your own boss, but the tumbleweed is rolling by in your home office, as you work alone at your laptop. You’re starting to wonder who the next person that you make contact with will be…

StartUp Disruptors, is a network that promotes real connections when you are starting out on your own. We’ll advise, nudge and cheer you on. We’ll stop you from falling into well-trodden potholes, or taking the long way round and exhausting your hard-earned cash.

We’ll support you to reach your potential at your own pace, as part of our online community. We take a softer approach than other business networks, more “guiding” than “pushy”, with invaluable resources and connections.

As an entrepreneur, you say how you do things – but we’re here to help.

Who is Startup Disruptors for?

We welcome all small businesses, but most of our members have 1-5 employees and big ambitions.

Personalities vary hugely! But we’re mostly creatives, introverts and / or digital and tech geeks. But more generally, if you’re an animal loving altruist with a good heart, you’ll fit right in!

Our Work Inspires Smiles

Meet Our Founder



Becky is a degree and CIM qualified sales and marketing professional; with over 25 years experience at global sales director level.

She has worked with and for such brands as Ferrari, Disney and Carlsberg during the early part of her employed career.

During the latter part of her employed time, she has worked in the radio broadcast software industry and engineering sectors; travelling all over the world organising events and selling multi-million pound projects.

We Help Small Businesses To Thrive

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Get Started Package

If you are in the pre-start-up or very early stage (ideas phase) of your business; or if your business is more of a hobby than a full-time ‘gig’ then this is for you.

Escape the '9 to 5’ Programme

This package is a more personalised online package for those wanting help with serious structure and business planning over a 12-week intensive period.

‘Advertise Me’ Programme

This package offers you the chance to get your personal branding, marketing and advertising positioning correct from day one.