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Becky Lodge

Don't Build Rollerskates For Birds

From ‘bootstrapping’ a start-up business, to sharing knowledge on disruption sales techniques; this is the true story of one woman’s journey in ‘ditching’ corporate life to start her own business - By Becky Lodge

My name is Becky Lodge and I am a degree and Chartered Institute of Marketing qualified sales and marketing professional; with over 27 years’ experience at global sales director level, in the corporate world. I am the Founder of Little Kanga Ltd and the brand creator, founder and owner of the Startup Disruptors brand.

So why did I start my own business?

I am driven by helping others to build their dreams and empires, by helping small business owners with great support, advice, coaching and training to aid them to build six-figure businesses. Helping them to create greater work/life balance and have the freedom to operate. I have spent most of my career building other people’s dreams, companies and revenues, with the ultimate aim of one day, being able to build my own empire.

I am a future thinker, innovator and changemaker.

In 2018, I was selected from over 10,000 U.K. applicants to become one of ‘Sky News 100 Women’ and was invited to take part in a televised debate with Kay Burley on International Women’s Day. I am also a tech mentor for ‘Faster Capital’ a tech incubator based in Dubai and a Founder Supported of the ‘Fifty Fifty’ pledge with Notion Venture Capital in London.

I am fortunate enough to have worked with and for such brands as Ferrari, Disney and Carlsberg (during the early part of my employed career); during the latter part of my employed time (before starting my own business from the kitchen table in 2015). I worked all over the world with software and engineering companies.

In 2015, I reassessed my life and career and decided that I needed to do something ‘more’. I hadn’t found my true purpose.

That purpose is to help others by sharing the knowledge and experience that I had gathered over nearly 3 decades in employment, to help them build and scale their own companies from home. It’s to help those that don’t have access to knowledge and give a ‘business voice’ to people for the first time.

When I started Little Kanga Ltd in 2015, I was appalled to hear horror stories of inadequate help and support in the local area and also, that suppliers were ‘ripping off’ the very people and businesses in their local community, that they should have been supporting. In my mind, this had to stop.

With all my experience, I needed guidance on how to progress our businesses in 2015 and the local offering was too slow, lacklustre or just stuck in the ‘dark ages’.

There was nothing for women, digital nomads, or those with neural-diverse brains! Those with dyslexia; ASD and ADD, the entrepreneurs and business owners that really wanted to ‘build their own path’ to freedom and escape the shackles of the outdated 9 to 5 world of work.  

So StartUp Disruptors was formed by 9 people in a pub in Portsmouth.

I was so frustrated during this time, that I kept a journal of the barriers for new business owners and later this book was published on Amazon and Kindle to help others be aware of the pitfalls and challenges of starting a business, you can purchase this here:

StartUp Disruptors grew from 9 people to a group of thousands online on social media within just two years.

We are now considered to be the primary support and knowledge community for UK start-up support and we will continue to grow.

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