Get Your Brand Out There

‘Advertise Me’ Programme

Pricing - £1,999 for 12 weeks – paid in advance of programme commencement or this can be paid in instalments monthly in advance for the duration of the programme, we do charge an additional admin cost of £30 per month for this option.

This programme offers you the chance to be advertised on our social media feeds as a business owner and sets you up with all that you need to advertise yourself and your business professionally from day one.

Don’t waste time trying to ‘do it yourself’, this ‘no-fail’ programme will provide a shortcut to best practice and get you noticed on social media.

We know that brand awareness and ‘getting your name out there’ is not easy, so we have created this programme that will help you accelerate your brand growth much faster. This will enhance your reputation and get potential customers to notice you.

For this programme, we will include a full written biography about you and your business and area of expertise and advise you how to present yourself as a professional business owner to position you as a ‘thought leader’ in your local market of operation.

This will be done through our 12 weeks fully personalised business support programme on ‘how to advertise yourself online’ and become a ‘thought leader’ in your industry.

This can then be used on your social media channels and sent out to local media.

We will show your business messaging to over 50,000 small business owners for 12 weeks in total.

We will include a telephone interview with a professional journalist to produce EITHER a professional profile about you OR a case study about your achievements (with one of your customers these are approximately 500-1000 words and can then be used for blog content for your website or as testimonials).

The programme will include:

  • Personal branding and case study feature/professionally written profile for social media (as detailed above – Value £500), this will include us dropping the final text into a case study template with our ‘StartUp Disruptors’ branding so that you can circulate this yourself or get printed copies made up to use for shows and expos.
  • You can then use this on all your social media platforms.
  • Using our name will gain you extra PR and exposure as we are the leading provider of start-up and small business support services. See our testimonials section on this website for our case study examples.
  • 12-week expert e-mail campaign (to your inbox) with ‘hints and tips’ on how to get local media interested in both you (and your business) and the type of stories and headlines that grab press and PR attention, including cheat sheets, hints and tips.
  • How to target the correct customers for your market and offering including ‘buyer personas’ that we will write for you, based on your company and market (value £750).
  • Advice and hints and tips on which social media platforms to use, how to use them to gain sales, marketing messaging for your target audience and ‘how-to’ guides.
  • Outline a marketing plan and budget plan to help you plan your future marketing and how to measure it (Value £1500).
  • Advice on sales and how to convert customers to sale via a set process (value £1500).
  • Two 30 minute sessions online to discuss your progress during the programme and keep you ‘on track’ – these will be at the start and end of the programme (Value £129).
  • Optional access to ‘top-up’ pay per hour sessions at £129 per hour.
  • Optional access to our additional heavily discounted training sessions (additional cost).
  • After this time, we will also give you the option to SPONSOR our community, to continue your advertising to our target audience for the continuing cost of just £167 per month (rolling subscription -optional).
  • Let us do the business development for you, if you hate sales and selling, this is the ideal package for you to take up, as we do the selling for you!
  • If you were to commission a PR and marketing agency for this programme, the cost would be in excess of £1,999 per MONTH.
  • Please note that if our journalist cannot contact you for any reason after two calls, we will invoice £500 in addition to the programme charge listed above.
  • Printing charges are not included but we can signpost you to a trusted printer at no extra cost; graphic design and artwork are charged at an additional cost at source.
  • If additional business support, advice and coaching are needed in advance of this programme, then we will advise and this will be charged at £129 per hour for the advice.