My Early Stage Startup Story

Don't Build Rollerskates For Birds

From ‘bootstrapping’ a start-up business, to sharing knowledge on disruption sales techniques; this is the true story of one woman’s journey in ‘ditching’ corporate life to start her own business.

The idea of becoming your own boss has been around for centuries.  With the boom of online businesses and social media, it’s becoming ever more attractive to break free of soul-crushing careers and take our destiny into our own hands; whatever your age, gender or background.

In this book, former global sales director, Becky Lodge shares her personal journey of beginning her start-up business on a shoestring budget.

Peppered with hilarity, ‘truth bombs’ and some serious marketing theories, this is for anyone considering self-employment who may be struggling to set up a business from home, or who wants to really ‘see’ and experience what it’s really like to leave your 9-5 corporate life.


Find out what it’s really like to leave your ‘safe’ 9-5 corporate world for self-employment.

  • Reveal the ‘secret ingredient’ to add to the mix, to help you become a successful small business owner.
  • Discuss the importance of being well networked, and how you can use this network to drive initial sales.
  • Find ways to market and promote your company on a budget at zero or no cost.
  • Understand the importance of defining your goals and taking action to make them happen.
  • Work on your mindset to stop sabotaging your own ability to succeed.
  • Master the art of selling at the start-up stage and beyond.

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